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Bishop Charles H. Ellis III has apologized to Ariana Grande for How he behaved towards her Aretha Franklin_s funeral_

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III has apologized to Ariana Grande for How he behaved towards her Aretha Franklin's funeral.

Through an interview with the Associated Press in the Peninsula where Franklin was set to rest after her 8-hour"Celebration of Life" funeral ceremony on Friday,'' Ellis expressed sorrow for how he touched the singer onstage and also for saying he originally thought the 25-year-old singer proved to be a new menu item at Taco Bell. "I personally and sincerely apologize to Ariana and to her supporters and into the entire Hispanic neighborhood," Ellis explained. "When you are performing a schedule for 2 hours you attempt to keep it active, you attempt to add a few jokes here and there." He also cried for touching Grande overly near her chest throughout their inaugural interaction. "It might never be my aim to touch any girl's breastfeeding. ... I really don't understand I guess I place my arm around her," Ellis continued. "Perhaps I crossed the boundary, perhaps I was overly familiar or friendly but I apologize." Continuing, he added:"The final thing I need to do is to be a diversion for this day. This is about Aretha Franklin." After viewing Grande honor the Queen of Soul in the ceremony, the American Apostolic Pentecostal preacher stated that,"After I watched Ariana Grande about the app, I believed that was a new something at Taco Bell." "My 28-year-old daughter informs me,'Dad! "Girl, allow me to supply you with all of your admiration," Ellis then commented. "Did you like this icon? She's a legend herself. "I am sorry but Ariana Grande dress is too brief for a funeral," one fan tweeted, while the other user suggested that Grande's gown, which ceased above her knees, was classless. Fortunately for Ariana, not everyone was taken aback with her outfit option. "I know that y’are angry about her dress and all. However, know, @ArianaGrande was one of Aretha's favored younger gen vocalists," wrote one guardian. "The ceremony is all about honoring the Queen and she did just that. Stuck to her role and filmed the hell outta A Natural Woman. Let that harm go...." She revealed her love to get Aretha in a sense that a lot people can not and she will are focusing on how she chooses to groom. Lmao fine," another enthusiast tweeted. .