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Skin lightening or whitening is not only restricted to face these days. We need to have a fairer looking body skin also. The fact is that our facial skin still gets a lot of care and application of proper beauty products but our body skin often goes neglected. This happens a lot for working women, men and new moms. Now there are skin whitening body lotions also in the market that can be tried. I like to try such lotions since they can at least educe the tan on my skin if not lighten or whiten the body skin drastically.

This is a skin brightening body lotion that is enriched with the aloe vera called as grihitkumari, methi, honey wheatgerm etc. All these natural products will impart healthy skin that glows from within. This will replenish the skin’s natural oils so that the skin appears brighter and softer. Not only that this skin whitening body lotion will help to improve the skin texture also.

Date : 26 aug 2018

Your Opinion : Do You Use the Expired Products?

Approve, what I will admit is a cardinal sin. I do utilize lapsed items, even the nourishment things in some cases. I am not extremely careful of the dates! All things considered, the greater part of the circumstances. It is not carelessness but rather a will conceived out of not squandering anything,

Date : 26 aug 2018

Herbs and More Vitamin Therapy Face Cleansing Milk/Lotion

I cherish my face purifying milk. Also, I am dependably watchful for better ones. Also, even better, I like the ones which are non-fastidious and simple to go with. What could be superior to going with utilize and toss sachets which have enough amount to cover your requirements and after that you can simply hurl that face purging milk into the dustbin.